Wednesday Awards

Today, the flash card awards were announced.  Here were the winners adding points to their team’s totals.

Group 1 – Corenne Benson (Hot Pink)
Group 2 – Sarah Carroll (Orange)

Group 1 – Carter Elkins (Orange)
Group 2 – Elza Niemeier (Light Blue)

Group 1 – Evelyn Maudlin (Orange)
Group 2 – Jacob Swift (Hot Pink)

Group 1 – Carly Bryant (Orange)
Group 2 – Elza Niemeier (Light Blue)

Group 1 – Hannah Rogers (Green)
Group 2 – Elza Niemeier (Light Blue)

Also announced were the craft winners.  Each team’s captains submitted their best two in each category and the top 3 in each category as voted on by the judges also won points for their teams.  Here are your winners.

Leather Band

  1. Baylee (Green)
  2. Landon (Navy)
  3. Madison (Red)

Bubble Container

  1. Maverick (Green)
  2. Catelyn (Navy)
  3. Kimberly (Purple)

Fortune Cookie Cuff

  1. Maria (Lime)
  2. Haley (Red)
  3. Sammy (Navy)

Airbrush Backpacks

  1. Ariel (Navy)
  2. Grace (Lime)
  3. Sam (Red)

Yarn Art

  1. Lauren (Navy)
  2. Alexandria (Red)
  3. Bentley (Hot Pink)
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