Wednesday Bible Study

IMG_1783Today’s Bible Study what focused on how to be strong – even when it’s hard.

The boy’s lesson was led by Lance Wenck who helped the boys learn how to identify when challenges happen to them. He used the Disney movie, Inside Out and the emotion characters of Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger to know when you are having challenges.

He told the story in Matthew 14 of Jesus walking on water and the emotions the apostles felt at that time. Lance closed by saying that when we have storms in our life, and have trouble rowing, stop and find God. Because the safest place to be is with Jesus — even though it may be out of the boat and in the middle of a storm.


DSC_0003Today’s girls Bible Study was led by Hunter team captain Carissa Young. She discussed how to be strong when life is challenging.

They started off by singing “Our God is an Awesome God.” We will go through some difficult times, but we must remember to praise God during those times. Difficult times are going to happen. Now is the time to prepare for those times. Mrs. Young uses Bible examples to demonstrate how we must respond to difficult times.

  • Joseph is sold into slavery, falsely imprisoned and finally made leader of Egypt. Once he reconciled with his brothers he is strong and demonstrates forgiveness.
  • Job lost everything he had and was stricken with a great illness. Even through his losses he remained strong and praises God. (Job 1:20)

Difficult Times Plan:

  1. Pray – Jeremiah 29:12; Philippians 4:13
  2. Go to the Bible for comfort – Romans 8:18; I Corinthians 10:13
  3. Be a good Friend and have good friends – Luke 6:31; Proverbs 17:17
  4. God cares for you – I Peter 5:7; Jeremiah 29:11
  5. Trust that God has a plan – Proverbs 3:5; Psalms 147:5

Be strong and use this plan to get through difficult times.

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