2017 Last Year Campers Dinner

At Wednesday’s dinner, the entire camp honored 18 very special people: our 2017 Last Year Campers.  Once all the other campers and staff were seated in the mess hall, the Last Year Campers were introduced one-by-one as they entered the mess hall to thunderous applause. It was a bittersweet evening for these campers, some of whom have attended every camp since beginning MSC Jr. Week in 2007.  The entire camp was treated to a trip down memory lane with a photo slideshow of the Last Year Campers throughout their camp years.  They received the VIP treatment during dinner and received hand-crafted ink pens (made by Neil Tremblett and family) and leather journals.

And your MSC 2017 Last Year Campers are:

Jonathan Adams

Chloe Biszantz

Bryce Eaton

Madeline Fennell

Logan Grim

Adam Haub

Caleb Jones

Jaylan Long

Caspian Lynd

Avery Miller

Jazzmin Miller

Aaron Ottersbach

Kara Roper

Seth Shaffer

Olivia Stout

Kyra Turk

Sydney Turner

Hannah Woodson

MSC 2017 Last Year Campers: (standing) Seth Shaffer, Caleb Jones, Chloe Biszantz, Bryce Eaton, Kyra Turk, Logan Grim, Hannah Woodson, Adam Haub, Jonathan Adams, and Aaron Ottersbach. (seated) Madeline Fennell, Kara Roper, Sydney Turner, Jaylan Long, Olivia Stout, Avery Miller, Jazzmin Miller, and Caspian Lynd


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