MSC Talent Show Runs Into the Wee Hours of the Morning

Like it was stated last night for the MSC staff “Talentless Show,” the campers’ talent FAR outweighs that of the staff, and tonight’s highly-anticipated “Talent Show” definitely proved it. The show was chock full of amazing talent, running nearly two hours, and ending in the wee hours of the morning, at nearly 12:30 AM.

Here’s the talented lineup:

  • Samantha Haub played piano and sang “The Cup Song” with accompaniment by her brother Adam playing the cups
  • Adam & Samantha Haub saluted the veterans and sang “Dirt Road Anthem”
  • Adam Haub sang “Say a Prayer,” dedicating it to a soccer teammate who recently passed
  • First-time Sr. Week camper Evelyn Loughmiller played “Lost Boys” on the flute while the crowd softly sang along
  • Briana Ayres played guitar and sang “Thousand Years”
  • Isaac Dispennett had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands when he performed “Frogs,” which he would sing a line and have the audience repeat the line. As a follow-up, he changed the song to “Todd” in honor of Director Todd Hall, who, according to Isaac, “is not cool”
  • Maggie Williams & Kyra Turk sang “Travelin’ Soldier,” as Maggie played guitar
  • Riley McDonald played ukulele and sang “House of Gold”
  • Caspian Lynd entertained the crowd with “MSC: The Camp that Built Me” Mad Libs
  • Lucy Howard-Young and Saydee & Jazzmin Miller (better known as trio Destiny’s Grandchildren) belted out “Someone Like You,” while Jazzmin played guitar
  • Katelyn Collier took to the stage with her ukulele and sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”
  • Isaiah Evans & Corbin Mann hosted a gum chewing and Coca Cola chugging contest with contestants Levi, Adam, and Luke Hawk, with Luke being crowned the victor
  • Finn Koressel played piano and sang “Dream On”
  • Haley Miller sang a beautiful a capella rendition of “Terrible Things”
  • Sydney Turner, Kara Roper & Caleb Hopper performed a comedy routine on how to pronounce “Louisville”
  • Corbin Mann blew off the rec hall roof as he lip synced “Believer”
  • Jonah Bronger gave a “Whoop!” to Cabin 8 and “my girl, Maggie [Mizell]”
  • Raegan & Avery McPherson blew everyone away with their vocal rendition of “Blown Away”
  • Kaleb Hopper gave The Beast (from “Beauty & The Beast”) a run for his money as he lip synced “Forever More”
  • Jenna Maudlin sang a rousing rendition of “I Lived”
  • Raven Willis played guitar and inspired the crowd as she sang “Count On Me”
  • Mikayla Cleary & Shelby King sang “Burnin’ House,” with Mikayla accompanying on guitar
  • Jazzmin Miller played guitar and belted out “Lovely”
  • Zelton Kay played the mountain dulcimer in both rock and traditional folk style
  • Zelton Kay and his dulcimer were joined by Logan Grimm on guitar and Derek Gould on ukulele while he drove the crowd into a frenzy with “Still Running,” with backup vocals by Logan & Derek
  • Logan Grimm performed a mini-concert as he kept the audience begging for more with “Fix You,” “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “These Arms of Mine,” and “Sussudio”
  • Last Year Camper Girls hosted a game of MSC Trivia with the Last Year Camper Boys, who were divided into Team Precious & Team Sweet, with Team Precious gaining bragging rights
  • Cabin 10 Boys performed a skit explaining how Cabin 10 dwellers are “strong and fearless,” and performed a moving funeral, complete with “Taps,” following the death of the hammock, which was labeled a liability
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