And the Winners Are…

MSC Sr. Week has drawn to a close, but incredible memories have been made. It has been a phenomenal week that we’ll never forget. Many new friendships have been made, we’ve all been greatly encouraged, and we’ve learned so much about how “God Fits” into every aspect of our lives.

The awards have been handed out and the winners are (drum roll please):

1.  Lime, led by David & Jessica McGaughey

2. Navy, led by Todd & Tammy Walker

3. Silver, led by Corey & Meagan Willis

4. Blue, led by Craig & Ronna Howell

5. Green, led by Lee & Leslie McGaughey

6. TIE Orange, led by Brad & Rhonda Hawk

6. TIE Purple, led by Rick & Christine Knight

8. Gold, led by Eric & Sarah Mizell

9. Hunter, led by David & Katie Mathis

10. Red, led by Cindy Cleary & Katie Hall


Female Camper of the Year:  Abbey Mizell

Male Camper of the Year:  Nick Hall

Rookie of the Year:  Kelsey Walton

Kelsey Harris “On Eagle’s Wings”:  Olivia Stout


Congratulations to all the winners!!!  We wish you all safe travels home and hope to see you at the Post-Camp Skating Party at Hot Skates in Avon at 6:30 PM on Saturday, July 12 and at the Post-Camp Kings Island Trip on Friday, July 25.

As we leave our camp “bubble,” always remember that “God Fits” into every aspect of our lives and He commands our “whole pie.”


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