Canoe Heats

After two days of canoe practice, the main event occured this afternoon: THE CANOE HEATS!!!!!!  Once each team embarked on Lake Shakamak, they were timed as they ran the course designed by canoeologists Kenny and Janet Evans. The teams maneuvered along the outside of the first buoy, then proceeded to  completely encircle the second buoy (all 360 degrees), then paddle past the third buoy and head back to shore down the middle of the two team’s three buoys.  If a canoe failed to go on the outside of the first buoy or third buoy, the team was penalized a 30-second pentaly for each infraction. If the canoe failed to encircle the second buoy, there was a one-minute infraction. For a bonus, there were two pool noodles across Lake Shakamak that one canoe from each team was allowed to attempt to pass through without touching the noodles to earn a two-minute time bonus–if the canoe touched either noodle, the team would earn a one-minute time bonus.

And the canoe heat results are:

Blue – 16:23

Lime – 17:31

Purple – 17:37

Green – 18:28

Hunter – 19:32

Silver – 20:04

Navy – 20:12

Red – 20:28

Orange – 22:56

Gold – 23:16

MEN_6850 MEN_6608 MEN_6536 MEN_6529 MEN_6422 MEN_6411 MEN_6410

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