Today’s Brand New Events

To replace Ten Flags Day, sports directors Greg and Stacy King added three new events today. First of all was “A Minute to Win the Amazing Race,” which was a combination of television competition shows “Minute to Win It” and “The Amazing Race.” The game required teams to decipher rhymes to determine where to run across the campground to find the next of eight events, including:

1. Ready Spaghetti — using a shared pasta noodle, contestants must pick up soda cans and construct a 3-can pyramid

2. Blow Ball — blow off all red ping-pong balls from a tray, leaving only 3 yellow ping-pong balls remaining

3. Bottoms Up — knock out empty cans using a yo-yo tied to the back of the waist

4. We Are Dewin’ It — 2 team members must successfully drink an entire Mountain Dew

5. Brush with Danger — contestants must slide a toothbrush down a strip of dental floss and land it into a toothbrush

6. Defying Gravity — tap 3 balloons to keep them off the ground for a minute

7. Dizzy Mummy — unwind a roll of toilet paper by executing a series of 360-degree spins

8. Broomski Ball — roll tennis balls over a taped down broomstick and jump them into three buckets at different

The second new event of the day was “Deal or No Deal.” Howie Mandel, well, at least a cheap knock-off, appeared at MSC to host the adrenaline-rushing game show for each of the teams. The kitchen staff enjoyed watching the game so much that they asked to play the game after the tenth team completed their game and they proceeded to skunk the majority of the teams!

And the third and final new event of the day was called Tug O’ Truck, a take on the classic Tug O’ War, but the competition was a nearly 3.5 tons F-150 pickup truck. A rope was tied to the bumper of the truck and all members of the team had to pull the truck for approximately 150 feet, this being a timed event.

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