Closing Ceremonies

MSC 2021 Senior Camp has officially come to a close. We will soon be packed up and headed back to our everyday lives, but a little piece of each of us will forever be here! MSC 2022 is sure to look and feel a little different with the retirement of Todd, Suzee & Belinda; but rest assured that the MSC spirit is alive and well and no doubt in the best of hands as we work to continue on with the great tradition started in 1984.

Some final updates and announcements:

Rookie of the Year: Noah Waldrop

Reaching Higher Award: Jonah Kilgo

Female Camper of the Year: Maggie Dickey

Male Camper of the Year: Mitchell King

2021 FINAL Team Sports Placements:

  • 1st – Gold
  • 2nd – Orange
  • 3rd – Lime
  • 4th – Navy
  • 5th – Red
  • 6th – Green
  • 7th – Hunter
  • 8th – Silver
  • 9th – Blue
  • 10 – Purple