Good Tuesday Night from MSC

Well, we’ve come to the close of the second day here at MSC 2015 Sr. Week.  It was a beautifully sunny day at Shakamak with lower temperatures — a true blessing from God. Beginning with Silver team captain Eric Mizell’s flagpole devotion this morning, we focused on our daily theme, “Be Strong: Influence” throughout this morning’s and this evening’s Bible studies. Following our breakfast of French toast sticks, bacon, and scrambled eggs, campers went to crafts, water balloon launch, song leading practice for the boys taught by Derek Gould, and Bible study with Lime team captain Shannon Shaffer.

Following our grilled hamburgers and potato wedges for lunch, we had a busy afternoon with ultimate Frisbee, a second and final day of volleyball, canoe practice, lip synch practice, and team time.

Supper consisted of pulled pork barbecue, mac ‘n cheese, and banana pudding. Following supper and the presentation of the highly-anticipated “Golden Dust Pan” awards, the entire campground met in the amphitheater to sing prior to Bible study.  Group 1 and Group 2 campers remained in the amphitheater for Bible study while the Group 3 boys studied in the craft hall and the Group 3 girls studied in the rec hall. Following Bible study, the entire campground reunited in the amphitheater to sing praises, led by male campers. After a few additional songs sung on the lower sports field, the campers all retired to their cabins for devotions and lights out.

All in all, it was a GREAT day here at MSC.  We hope you each had a great day as well!  We look forward to another great day tomorrow and can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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