Thank You, Parents

It’s about 11:00 PM here at Shakamak, and another day of MSC is almost history. I wish every one of you could be here to see and hear what I am privileged to be seeing and hearing right now as I sit outside my cabin. Our groups 1 and 2 campers have gone to bed, and our Group 3s are standing in a tight circle on the upper sports field. Amidst a cool breeze and under a sky full of stars and a majestic full moon, they are singing praises to the Creator. It’s an experience I have had many times over the past twenty-one years, but it never fails to bring a tear to my eye. In a world that seems to have deemed God and His ways irrelevant, the sound of their voices and their love for Him and for one another is incredibly uplifting. Thank you, parents, for giving your children the gift of this week.

— Rita Newton, Lip Synch Coordinator; Canoeologist; Former Sr. Week Co-Director

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