Goodnight from MSC Sr. Week, Day 1

Before the campers were dismissed from the “MSC Talentless Show” in the Rec Hall, the Sportsmanship Award of the Day was presented to the Purple team, led by captains Rick & Christine Knight. It was announced that the team’s sportsmanship was truly exhibited on the volleyball court this afternoon when they served before the opposing team was ready and asked to re-serve since it was an unfair advantage over their opponents. Way to go Purple!!!!!

Upon dismissal from the Rec Hall, all 189 campers and nearly 60 staff members gathered in a circle on the lower sports field to sing glorious praises to the Lord under the starry sky, all while a gentle breeze blew through the crowd. What better way to close out day 1 of MSC Sr. Week than joining together in praising God?!?!?!?!

Reflecting on the first day of MSC Sr. Week 2014, it was a hot and humid day, with a brief rain shower during cabin time just prior to lunch, but it was a GREAT day!!!! What a blessing it has been to spend a beautiful day out in God’s creation with fellow-Christians building friendships and encouraging one another. We wish you a peaceful and restful goodnight from Shakamak State Park on Monday, June 30.

Singing on Lower Sports Field

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