MSC Talentless Show

Following Bible study this evening, the Compadres and team captains showed off their talent, or lack thereof, during the “MSC Talentless Show.” The campers were entertained with jokes, songs, and even a game show.  Here’s the lineup:

1.  Compadres Ethan Wildman, Kyle Sokeland, Nick Paden, Jessica Boyd, Nikki Butler, and Alison Hall sang an impressively Olafian “Do You Wanna Go to MSC” (spoof of Frozen’s “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman”)

2.  Lime team captains David & Jessica McGaughey, Green team captains Lee & Leslie McGaughey, and craft helper Laura McGaughey sang and snapped their way through “The McGaughey Family” (spoof of “The Addams Family”)

3.  Red team captains Cindy Cleary & Katie Hall told randomly airheaded blonde jokes (bless their hearts 😉 )

4.  Hunter team captain Katie Mathis & lip synch co-coordinator Allison Ritzline sang an amazingly twisted medley of “Disney Princesses After Ever After”

5.  The Barn Doors (Silver team captain Corey Willis, sports director Greg King, Purple team captain Rick King, and Navy team captain Todd Walker) sang a witty quartet version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”

6.  Lip synch coordinators Rita Newton & Allison Ritzline hosted the “Lip Synch Prop Op” game show where team captains raced to be the first to perform various tasks to earn a prop to be used in their Friday night lip synch routine

The staff had their opportunity to shine in the spotlight this evening, now the campers will have their turn in the spotlight in a few days during the “MSC Talent Show.”

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