Happy 4th of July from MSC!

MSC is truly something that we are all thankful for.  From the staff who work to make sure your campers are not only having fun, but feeling safe and included throughout the week to the campers who make it all worth while.
We would like to wish you all a Happy 4th of July  – We are all so blessed and thankful to live in a country that allows us the freedom to assemble here this week.  The memories being made will last a lifetime!
On the Menu today:
Breakfast: B-A-C-O-N!!!! – MSC kitchen staff prepared 2,100 strips of bacon! Eggs, French Toast Sticks, Cereal & Fruit
Lunch: Texas Tacos, Salad Bar & Ice Cream Sandwiches (Made from scratch, of course)
Dinner: Chicken & Noodles (Chicken WILL be included this year), Green Beans, Mashed taters, Biscuits, Salad Bar & Chocolate Éclair Cake
With the rain from yesterday, we will be adjusting the sports schedule some today to play some catch up.
Today your campers will participate in: Shoot Something with Something (paintball target shooting), Deal or No Deal, Canoe Heats, Projectile Avoidance & Lip Synch Practice  – How in the world do we fit it all in?  Needless to say that we sleep well at MSC….For at least 5 hours if we’re lucky.
The evening’s entertainment will consist of your campers putting their talents on display at the annual Talent show!  We have more than 20 acts signed up to show just how talented we already know them to be!
Mark Newton will lead a group Bible study in the Mess hall this morning at 9 am.

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