Thursday Flag Pole Talk

Gabe Goen led our morning Flag Pole talk this morning.  Our theme for the Day is “Born to Serve”.
Gen 39:712: Joseph ran from Evil
Luke 19:1-10: Zacchaeus climbed towards that which was Good
We should be focused on not selfishly serving ourselves, but doing things that help us grow and become the best person that you can become.
Acts 14: 8-12 & Acts 7:51-60 – Serving Others is not purely spiritual or physical, it’s Both!  Serving others means being able to say the difficult things and stepping back to let others serve.
Ex 3:10-12 & Matt 26: 36-39 – Serving God is not always easy.  Sometimes you have to do those things that you may not want to do, but if you trust in the Lord and serve him, your life and those things that may not come easy to you, will be easier.
Preach, Be the Light & Serve God.  We, like Jesus, are born to Serve.

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