Human Battleship

Our other new event today was a real-life version of the popular game Battleship. Played on the MUDDY volleyball court, Human Battleship involved two teams divided by a tarp hung over the volleyball net. The two teams were given two minutes to fill up their water balloons ammunition before the battle began. Each member of one team chose a random location to lay face down in the mud (position their battleship) while each member of the opposing team blindly threw a water balloon into enemy territory to try to sink their battleships. If a water balloon hit a member of the opposing team, that battleship was sunk, but a twist on the game allowed any balloon that landed in the enemy territory which did not burst, that team would then save that water balloon as ammo for their round to try to sink the opponent’s battleships. Following this brand new event, when polled, the campers seemed to LOVE the event, even if their battleship was sunk!

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