Air Raid 2013

Probably the most popular event at MSC Sr. Week, with the only exception possibly being the Team Day obstacle course, is the ever popular AIR RAID!!!!! All the campers were thrown into the frontline of battle while trying to maintain their life (represented by golf balls). To enter combat, a platoon of four soldiers gathered in the Aid Station where they received their life (golf ball). Once the platoon was deployed to the frontline, they dodged obstacles as they attempted to maintain their lives across the finish line without dying by being struck by sodden balls thrown by snipers (with the assistance of scouts restocking and retrieving sodden balls). While in the heat of battle, the soldiers attempted to earn invincibility from the enemy by capturing the life-saving flag (well, it was actually a toilet plunger hidden under a trash can). The battle was intense this year as always, but much more tolerable in the 77 degree range as opposed to last year’s high temperature of 112 degrees.

IMG_1205 IMG_1498IMG_1224 IMG_1243 IMG_1444 IMG_1358      IMG_1105

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