MSC’s Got Talent

Tonight was the annual MSC Talent Show and the reviews are in: “this is one of the best talent shows in years.” We had a whopping 25 acts, including:

1. Chase & Mikayla Cleary singing and playing guitar on “Wagonwheel”

2. Audrey & Madelyn Fennell singing and playing cups on “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”

3. Alexa Dispennett and Cabin 11 girls performing “MSC, I Love It” lyric video

4. Logan Grimm playing “Star Spangled Banner” on electric guitar and singing and playing “Home”

5. Abigail & Kailey Collier singing and playing “Little Wonders”

6. Levi Hawk’s “Top 10 List Why You Should Be My Date to Fireworks”

7. Kristina Spellmeyer singing “God Bless the Broken Road”

8. Scotty Shaffer praising his dear sister Sarah Rose Shaffer

9. Shelby King & Raegan McPherson singing and playing “Little Talks”

10. Abigail Collier, Kailey Collier, Nick Hall, Seth Shaffer, David McGaughey & Michael Stout lip syncing “The Hairbrush Song”

11. Kat Turk singing and playing “Forever and Always”

12. Mikayla Cleary singing and playing “Bubbly”

13. Madelyn Fenell singing “Aftermath”

14. Emma Maudlin, Anna Boone & Piper Bacon singing and playing “I Will”

15. Emily Williams singing “From This Moment On”

16. Kailey Collier, Abigail Collier & uncle singing and playing “Banana”

17. Kyra & Kat Turk singing and playing “Fall For You”

18. Robbie Clair drumming

19. Scotty Shaffer, Alec Brumfield & Ryan Walker performing blind man’s “National Anthem”

20. Courtney’s Knight’s original comedy routine on mothers

21. Brittany Ravellette, Kat & Kyra Turk, Justice Evans & Abigail Collier performing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”

22. Maggie Williams singing “Our Song”

23. Logan Grimm & Paige Hawk singing and playing “Waiting on the World to Change”

24. Cabin 11 girls’ “How MSC eats their food” skit

25. Cabin 10 boys’ “Initiating younger campers” skit

During the course of the evening, the following “Paper Plate Awards” were handed out by the compadres:

Alec Brumfield – Man-Child Who Defied the Odds (and His Size) for successfully completing one pass through Air Raid

Bryce Eaton – King of the Canoe for his mad canoe skills

Emma Maudlin – Best Bobber Award for falling out of the canoe and never getting her hair wet

Leslie McGaughey – Doody Doody sitting doody award

Raegan McPherson – Disc Diva Award for her perfect disc golf throws

Jessica Scott – Honest Abe Award for admitting she could see through the tarp on Human Battleship

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