Introducing Sr. Week’s Brand New Sports Directors…

That’s right, this year MSC Sr. Week is introducing a brand new set of Sports Directors…longtime team captains Greg and Stacy King. There are still 36 days until Sr. Week, but Greg and Stacy are busy “researching new games and firming up old games.” Next weekend they plan to sort through the camp trailer with Sr. Week Directors Todd and Susan Hall to inventory current sporting equipment and create a list of needed supplies. Although many of the old favorite sporting events will remain on the camp schedule, they promise some new surprises within sports, but don’t bother asking them for any hints if you see them between now and camp, because they are keeping these sports secrets under wraps.

Greg and Stacy are very excited about their new role at camp this year. Stacy says, “Cheering on my team during their events has always been one of my favorite aspects of being a team captain, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to cheer on ALL the campers in this new role this year.”

As upcoming new Sports Directors, Greg and Stacy promise everyone will have a GREAT time at MSC 2013. Greg says, “Impossible is nothing on the sports field!”

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