Laura Tackett Preparing for Jr. Week Crafts

There are still 49 days until MSC Jr. Week, but Laura Tackett, Jr. Week’s official “craft lady,” is getting quite excited as she has been busy making craft plans for all the Jr. Week campers.  She has exciting crafts planned, including painting wooden birdhouses.

Ms. Laura tells us, “I have been waiting, and waiting, and checking in with Michael’s [craft store] daily to see when their big wooden birdhouses went on sale and they finally did!  I have 100 in my trunk right now and 50 more boxed and ready to go.  I am so excited to have found these and saved so much money with them being on sale and using a 25% coupon that now I can purchase cool paint colors too!  I can’t wait to see the creativity of our campers!  Michael’s was excited too and asked me to bring in a picture of the finished product so they can display it in their store!”

So, Jr. Week campers, you better hone up your birdhouse painting skills because not only do you have the opportunity to earn points for your team with your craft abilities, but a photo of your handiwork just may wind up on display at Michael’s craft store!


Laura Tackett’s Trunkload of Wooden Birdhouses for Jr. Week Crafts

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