Last Year Camper Dinner

Each year, the campers and Staff of MSC have the pleasure of recognizing our Last Year Campers.  Many of these kids have been coming to camp for 10 years and have had such an amazing impact on everyone around them!

Your 2018 Last Year Campers are: Braden Allen, Dillon Back, Danielle Bewley, Levi Biddle, Taylen Brown, Mikayla Cleary, Alana Dickey, Erin Eldridge, Hailey Evans, Karissa Evans, Adam Hawk, Will Higgins, Lucy Howard-Young, Shelby King, Patrick Lamb, Vincent Landfair, Jamie Lautenschlager, Dylan Lemley, Emma Maudin, Reagan McPherson, Alex Reynolds, Michaela Schoolcraft, Jenna Walker & Maggie Williams





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