Last Year Campers Dinner

To celebrate our MSC 2014 Last Year Campers, lip synch coordinators Rita Newton and Allison Ritzline did a fantastic job putting together a very special dinner in their honor. Once the rest of the campers were seated in the Mess Hall, the Last Year Campers were individually announced as they entered the Mess Hall to thunderous applause and they made their way to their table of honor. With a country chic motif, they were treated to a fantastic dinner consisting of: salad, New York Strip steak, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, sourdough bread, cherry, peach, and chocolate pie, and vintage sodas (root beer, cream soda, cherry cola, and orange).

And our Last Year Campers are:
Savannah Arnold
Matt Coleson
Abba Collier
Emily Dickey
Warren Eldridge
Justice Evans
Nick Hall
Stephen Harris
Levi Haymaker
Holly Jones
Rebecca Jones
Abbey Mizell
Aaron Sandy

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