MSC Talent Show

Campers got to show off their creative side during the long-awaited MSC Talent Show tonight in the Rec Hall. We had a variety of singing acts, skits, instrumental acts, lip synching, and comedy. To kick the evening off, videographer Kevin Colvin presented a comedic disc golf tutorial gleaned from outtakes, interviews, and a little acting from Sr. Week Directors Todd & Susan Hall along with some additional staff members this morning during the disc golf event. We had a total of 22 acts in tonight’s show, and an astounding 14 standing ovations throughout the evening.

Here’s the lineup for the show:

1.  Justice Evans & Nathan Isenhower sang “Gone, Gone, Gone”

2.  Abba Collier sang an original tribute to her years at MSC to the tune of “Suds in the Bucket”

3.  Levi Hawk presented his “Top 10 List of People to Be at Camp”

4.  Compadres Ali Hall, Nikki Butler, and Jessica Boyd, and Red Team Captain Katie Hall lip synched “Fallin’ for You” to compadre Ethan Wildman and campers Nick Hall, Kasha Wilder, and Chase Cleary

5.  Emma Maudlin & Piper Bacon played piano and guitar respectively while Emma sang “Your Song”

6.  Paige Hawk & Chris Jones sang “You’re the One That I Want”

7.  Madeline Fennell sang/rapped “Determinate”

8.  Compadres Ethan Wildman, Kyle Sokeland, and Nick Paden lip synched “I Want It That Way” for the female Last Year Campers

9.  Aaron & Luke Jacobs played guitar and fiddle and sang “Wagon Wheel”

10.  Shelby & Greg King sang “In Color” accompanied by Shelby on guitar

11.  Nick Hall read an original poem dedicated to his cousin Emily Dickey

12.  Logan Grim played guitar and sang “Free Fallin'”

13.  Nathan Isenhower played “Eight Days a Week” on trombone

14.  The Cabin 2 Comedy Choir (featuring canoeologist Jerry Price) sang “I Like to Sing All the Time”

15.  Madeline Fennell & Danielle Bewley lip synched “Momma Says”

16.  Aravis Lynd & Sarah Smith sang “Cups” (“When I’m Gone”)

17.  Justice Evans sang “I’m Only Human”

18.  Caspian & Aravis Lynd sang “The Middle”

19.  Maggie Williams sang and played guitar on “Count On Me”

20.  Jazzmin Miller played guitar and sang “Lovely”

21.  Cabin 10 boys read poems for Cabin 11 girls

22.  Last Year Campers performed a skit called “The Don’ts of Camp”

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