Lip Sync at the Road Kill Cafe

This year’s lip sync competition was a Ray Stevens Tribute Show at the Road Kill Cafe, hosted by waitress Sadie (aka lip sync coordinator Rita Newton). Sadie’s comedic commentary got the show started with compadres Earl, Eldon, Wanda, Delilah, Bubba, and Junior joining in for comic relief introducing each team’s lip sync. The entire evening was a redneck hoedown of Ray Stevens comedy songs and one of the best lip sync shows we’ve had in years.

Here are the teams’ songs in their final ranking:

1. Navy – “Hey Bubba Watch This”

2. Green – “Power Tools”

3. Hunter – “Sittin’ Up with the Dead”

4. Blue – “Redneck Christmas”

5. Red – “The Ballad of the Blue Cyclone”

6. Purple – “Ain’t Exactly What I Had in Mind”

7. Lime – “I Saw Elvis in a U.F.O.”

8. Orange – “Gourmet Restaurant”

9. Silver – “The DayI Tried to Teach Charlene McKenzie How to Drive”

10. Gold – “Tabloid News”

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