MSC Talent Show

MSC campers have lots of talent, and everyone looks forward to enjoying each year’s crop of entertainers at the annual MSC Talent Show. Tonight’s show most certainly did not disappoint as there were a whopping 21 acts, plus compadre intermission acts. Standing ovations were not scarce, proving that “MSC’s Got Talent”!!!!!

And the performers were:

  1. Thomas Wilson jump-started the talent show in a HUGE way with an electrifying drum solo
  2. Briana Ayres played guitar and sang a beautiful rendition of “Bright”
  3. Zelton Kay proved that dulcimers are hip with a rousing instrumental number, prior to grabbing his guitar and singing “Poncho & Lefty”
  4. Adam & Samantha Haub performed a brother-sister duet as they sang the timely “Letters from Home”
  5. INTERMISSION:  Compadres performed a skit titled “If I Were Not a Compadre at MSC…,” stating which staff member they would be (at the expense of Orange team captain Brad Hawk, gopher Shawn Carpenter, Compadre Mucho Importante Nick Paden, security staffer Ken Evans, sports statistician Karie Walker, and Hunter team captain Todd Walker)
  6. Logan Grim played guitar and had the crowd singing along to “Daughters”
  7. Logan Grim & J.T. Hall both played guitar while Logan sang “Come Sail Away,” once again with a lot of vocal support from the enthusiastic audience (including the female staffers who rushed the stage). The duo performed an encore on “Glow on the Ceiling”
  8. The Fennel Squad, which is comprised of the Fennell sisters, performed a comedy routine, as well as a G-rated dance-off with audience participant Seth Shaffer (who displayed some ninja backflip skills)
  9. Paige Hawk & Luke Capps sang a beautiful rendition of “I See the Light” from Disney’s “Tangled,” with the help of Luke’s accompaniment on guitar
  10. Katelyn Collier, Tiara Collier & Ashlynn Guyer showcased their three-part harmony on “American Honey”
  11. Audrey Baughn & Tori Niemeier played ukulele and keyboards, respectively, while singing a rousing rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
  12. Raven & Corey Willis performed a father-daughter duet on “Sweet Carolina,” with Corey on guitar
  13. Maggie Williams did a fine job playing guitar and singing “Travelin’ Soldier”
  14. Caspian & Aravis Lynd brought respect to the letter “L” by singing their version of Sesame Street’s “La La La” song
  15. Jenna Maudlin proved she has impeccable comedic timing as she was a rock-star joke-teller
  16. Hailey Miller brought the house down as she performed a spirited viola solo
  17. Malik Lloyd entertained the MSC audience with his mad Yo-Yo skills
  18. Kollin Sokeland introduced Jazz trumpet music by performing “Moon Dance,” just prior to dedicating and performing “Taps” for all the veterans who gave their lives for our country, never returning home from battle
  19. Shelby & Greg King performed the second father-daughter duo as they sang a duet of “Ring of Fire” to Shelby’s guitar accompaniment
  20. Last Year Camper Levi Hawk has performed a comedic Top 10 List nearly every year he’s been at MSC, tonight spending his last chance in the MSC spotlight to hilariously discuss his Top 10 Memories of MSC
  21. INTERMISSION:  Compadres performed a live action feed from the MSC Instagram account, complete with hashtags.
  22. Cabin 10 boys displayed their most integral role at MSC: moving picnic tables when director Todd Hall asks
  23. Cabin 11 girls performed a skit titled “If I Weren’t a Female” where they explained which Cabin 10 boy they would be, and why

And the crowd went wild, [CLAP, CLAP, CLAP], [WHISTLE], and [STANDING OVATION]!!!

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