Today was a bittersweet day at MSC as we honored lifetime camper and staff member Stacy King, who left this earth to gain her crown of righteousness on March 2, 2014. All campers and staff wore a special shirt to remember Stacy today–the shirt included a modified MSC logo which reads “The Camp That Built Me,” which references the song of the same name that Stacy and husband Greg sang at camp a few years ago. Below the logo reads “#STACYKSTRONG,” which refers to a tribute written by family friend David McPherson upon Stacy’s passing. Following our song and scripture service early this afternoon, camp board of directors president Mark Newton read this tribute aloud.

Near the end of her life, Stacy devised a plan to continue to impact MSC even after her time here had expired. She wrote the following note to help establish the Stacy King Memorial Fund to help pay for needy children to go to camp:

Tradition would say that people often send flowers to the funeral home to express their condolences. Greg and I would like to go outside of the box a bit and ask that you consider another alternative to flowers. Midwest Summer Camp has been a huge part of our lives. I have been affiliated with MSC as a camper or staff since the age of 8. Not long after we were married, it became a huge part of Greg’s life as well. We attended MSC as staff members for the past 17 years.

Every year, there are kids that aren’t able to afford the price of MSC. Instead of sending flowers, you could choose to use that money to make a donation to MSC, where 100% of the contributions will go to help kids.” –Stacy King

If you’d like to donate to the Stacy King Memorial Fund, you can do so by clicking on: http://midwestsummercamp.com/about-us/stacy-king-memorial-fund

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