Thursday at MSC Senior Week

No surprise here, but your campers are set up for another fun filled and spiritually uplifting day! A few things they will participate in:

Flag Raising, Pledge of allegiance & Recitation of your campers Memory verse and theme for the week from Matthew 5:13 All led by Aaron Sandy.

Breakfast of Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Fruit Pizza and assorted Cereals and Juice.

Luke Capps will lead your campers in a Bible Study based on doing Good Works.

Sports your campers will participate in this morning and afternoon include: Giant Jenga, Paintball (Shooting at Targets, not other campers), Wiffle Hockey, Deal or no Deal, Canoe Races, Lip Synch Practice & Projectile Avoidance (Remember that game we all played as kids in gym class involving throwing a red rubber ball at other people that some kids don’t play anymore? Yeah, we play that here!).

After Dinner this evening, Camp MSC will celebrate your Last Year Campers with a slide show presentation which will lead us to the World Famous Talent Show. I’m amazed every year by the display of talent your kids put on display every year, and judging by the size of the sign up sheet I’ve seen; 2022 will be no exception.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of your campers throughout the day, but for now we’ll leave you with a picture of our camp mascot for the week – No, Fried Radamacher… You cannot pet the Raccoon!