Values, Attitude & Spirit of MSC

This year we have added some special awards that any staff member can give any camper at any time when they see the following quality displayed by a camper:

Courageous Leader: Joshua (Joshua 24:15) — spiritual leader amongst peers or to younger campers. Team leader who leads by example; cooperative not overbearing; a shepherd, not a commander.

J.O.Y. (Jesus Others You) (Matthew 22:36) — puts God first and others second. Brings joy to the team with their positive attitude.

Charitable Heart: Dorcas (Acts 9:36) — works for others; unselfish and giving; humble.  Works for others.

Encourager: Barnabas (Acts 11:23) — encourages others in spiritual matters.  Encourages team, focusing on encouraging those who are insecure in participation.

Congeniality: Paul (I Corinthians 9:19-23) — becomes all things to all people for the furtherance of the gospel. Gets along with and socializes with all types of camper, different personalities; not cliquish.


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