We Made It!!

Your 2021 MSC Staff (and camp brats) are in camp and SO very excited to be here to experience what is sure to be the BEST week of MSC EVER!!

Noah Wenck opened our evening worship with a prayer, Corey Willis led us in songs and Nick Paden walked the group through a beautiful sermon entitled “We Made It”. Nick opened the sermon by reminding us how many difficult and challenging things we have faced over the last 18 months, and challenged us to be here this week…really be here. Nick went on to teach from I Tim 4:6-10 and encouraged to remain focused on why we’re here this week. By focusing on what we have before us this week, we are sure to get so much more out of it. This takes discipline – Discipline to tune out all of the distractions of the world – Discipline to to fully immerse ourselves in a week at camp with these amazing young people. Nick went on to challenge us to be Peaceable this week as we interact with one another and read from Rom 12:9-18. This passage has some great reminders beginning with v9. Love without hypocrisy; cling to what is good. v10. Be devoted to one another and give preference to one another. v11. Remember that we are ultimately serving the Lord! V13. Be Hospitable and friendly/welcoming to guests. V17. Respect what is right. If we can manage to do all of these things, then we can live peaceably with all people. Lastly, Nick challenged us to be Joyful! This seems like a no brainer while we are in our happy place, but as the week moves on, the sleep becomes less and the temptation to let tempers flare can become real; we are reminded of Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice”. Nick taught that even when we are tired, we can be joyful. Even when we are hungry, we can be joyful. Even when we are Hot and Sunburnt this week, we can be joyful. Even if you find yourself at your wits end this week, be joyful! Be Here, Be peaceable and Be Joyful. Luke Capps closed us in Prayer this evening.

Your 2021 MSC Staff Love each other, Love and are so excited to be around your children for the week and above all else, Love the Lord. We look forward to the best week at MSC ever and hope that you will follow along as the week unfolds in pictures, videos and updates to the MSC Blog.