MSC 2023 Junior Week

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July 9 – July 13, 2023

Camp Directors:

Ben & Kaletra Dispennett

Team Standings:

1st Place Gold

(Team Captains: Ryan & Lydia Walker)
6th Place

Light Blue (Captains: Richard & Brooke Thomas)
2nd Place

Hunter (Team Captains: Calvin & Carissa Young)
7th Place

Blue (Team Captains: Kyle & Katie Hunter)
3rd Place Red

(Team Captains: Mark & Sarah Bemis)
8th Place

Purple (Team Captains: Nathan / Aravis Lynd)
4th Place

Green (Team Captains: Cory & Whitney Hill)
9th Place

Pink (Team Captains: Wyatt / Maggie Dickey)
5th Place

Navy (Team Captains: Kyle & Myah Sanders)
10th Place

Orange (Team Captains: Matt & Salina Wallace)

Special Awards:

Male Camper of The Year:Marcus Laird
Female Camper of The Year:Charlie Corbett
Male Pillow Fight Champion:Elliott Chappell
Female Pillow Fight Champion:Marah Tremblett
Belching Contest Champion:Sophia Kasper

Staff Groups:

Kitchen Staff:
Rolanda BoggsDawn BewleyGretchen Carlson
Hannah Edwards JC EdwardsAmber Jimerson
Matt JudyTanner McReynoldsDana Shaffer
Beverly Watson
Medical Staff:
Sarah Plummer Lillian Critser
Media Staff:
Caroline Wilson (blog)Michael Bray (photo/video)
Sports Staff:
Drew MaudlinJulie DispennettChad Graber
Amanda McGaugheyJenna MaudlinCara Munger
Kassidi RiosSarah Shaffer
Craft Team:
Katie AwwadMiranda BleicherAlana Dickey
Ashley JudyHeather Tremblett
Cabin Management:
Jessica McGaughey Katie Dispennett
Jon Dispennett Daniel CahillSamantha Keach
Emily SorrellsNeil TremblettJacob Woodason
Jason DornMelodie DornSammie Dorn
Ethan Rhoton (coach)Naarah DickeyLuke Petre
Evelyn LoughmillerSavannah McCauleySeth McCauley
Jake SwiftMaverick SurberDavid Boone
Lindsey WalkerKatelyn McCauley
Lauren BemisAllison PlummerCarter Sorrells

2023 MSC Junior Week Team Captains

2023 MSC Junior Week Compadres

Interesting Facts:

  • Ben & Kaletra Dispennett begin as Junior Week Directors this year.


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