Afternoon Bible Studies by Phil Martin and Brooke Thomas

Brooke Thomas led the young ladies Bible study while Phil Martin led the young men in study this afternoon. 

Our lesson theme today was how to be conquerors that are “Stronger than Hulk.”  Brooke started off by explaining to the young ladies how much she loves camp because she knows that everyone here loves God.  She said she was excited to learn about a superhero theme this year because she loves superheros and in fact, she actually feels like she is married to a superhero as he served in the military and is now a police officer.  She asked the girls to tell her what they know about the Hulk…..he is a big, strong, destroys things and has a bad temper. 

She then actually had a guest appearance…..Hulk!  (Sara Rhoton in a Hulk mask) Hulk proceeded to come up to the front and smash to pieces the beautiful lego house that Brooke had built before the study.    She then asked the young ladies to turn to Genesis 1:3.  We have witnessed Hulk’s  strength, now let’s look at the scriptures to see God’s strength.  In Genesis, we see that God speaks things into existence.   Can the Hulk do that?  No.  The Hulk’s strength actually destroys while God’s strength creates and builds up. 

In Matthew 26:53, we read of Jesus’ inner strength and self-control.  Which takes more strength – tearing down or building up?    The young ladies knew the answer right away – building up is harder and requires more strength. 

Brooke took us to two passages Proverbs 14:1 and Philippians 4:13 to understand that we can build others up with the strength that the Lord gives us.  We are going to get angry sometimes like Hulk but we have to be stronger than Hulk to use God’s strength to build up instead of tear down. 

Romans 8:37-39 tells us that God’s strength is so powerful he won’t let anything separate us from him.  Once we choose God, he sticks with you!  And even when we don’t feel strong, we have our friends to help us.  Remember how Aaron and Joshua held up Moses hands when he was getting tired…….our friends can provide us additional help and strength!

Phil Martin led the young men in Bible study using illustrations from life – sports, work, etc. – to help the young men understand how does one develop excellence and become “strong?” 

In Colossians 1:9-11, we see that there is no strength in the Lord without 1) a growing knowledge of God’s will and 2) a life pleasing to God.  To grow in the knowledge of God’s will, we must long for the word and grow according to 1 Peter 2:2.  We must also stand firm, speak the truth, and grow up according to Ephesians 4:14-15.  And finally, we should be able to teach others according to Hebrews 5:12-6:2. 


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