Crafting With Ms. Dayna

Today, many of the kids enjoyed making crafts. MSC staff has been blessed to have Ms. Dayna Cade join us to oversee our craft time. As your children enter the craft hall they are greeted with warm decorations to inspire the “Picasso” in all of them. This year the craft hall is set up in stations to allow them to create tye-dyed journals, a canvas sign painting, chalk drawings, and medallion necklaces.

The video below shows some of the campers decorating their pens and designing the covers of their journals. The journals are made by dipping the covers in shaving cream with food coloring added.


So what did it take to make our campers’ imaginations come alive?

1 Suitcase Full of Tissue Paper
1 Fearless and Imaginative Craft Leader
3 – 32 Ounces of Food Coloring
3 – Craft Assistants
4 Bottles of Liquid Glue
5 Spools of Ribbon
22 Cans of Shaving Creme
25 Bottles of Paint
40 Bottles of Nail Polish
152 Bic Pens
160 Canvas Boards
160 Blank Journals
160 Metal washers
200 Feet of Pare Cord

Here are some more great pictures of our artists and their creations!


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