Standings Update

After our evening events Sunday night, the scores have been tallied, Ernst & Young has verified them, and now we’re ready to announce them to the public.

(drum roll please…..)

After Sunday evening’s events, here are the scores:

  • SILVER: 1,850 pts.
  • LIME: 1,650 pts.
  • ROYAL BLUE: 1,350 pts.
  • PURPLE: 1,350 pts.
  • ORANGE: 1,300 pts.
  • RED: 1,050 pts.
  • GREEN: 700 pts.
  • HUNTER: 700 pts.
  • GOLD: 600 pts.
  • NAVY: 500 pts.

Plenty of activities left, so keep rooting on your favorite teams from home!  And remember, we share the encouragement with them each time you comment.


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