Dinnertime Paper Plate Awards & Funny Float Award

During dinner, the compadres presented three additional “Paper Plate Awards.” Purple team captain Jill Martin was awarded the “Happy Helper” award for cleaning up the rec hall following basketball, and as a result, the Purple team won the “Good Sportsmanship” bonus points of the day. Mikayla Elkins was awarded the “Wanna-Be Cheerleader” award for not only cheering for her team, but all the other teams as well. And Jada Elkins & Phoebe Bacon were awarded the “Megaphone Maniacs” award for constantly cheering on their team.

All throughout the day, campers had the opportunity to submit a joke in the running for the Funny Float award. Once all the jokes submitted for the day were judged, Lucy Brodt was awarded a root beer float for her joke: “Yo momma is so weird, she thought Dunkin’ Donuts was an NBA team.”

Congrats to all!


Jill Martin’s “Happy Helper” award


Mikayla Elkins’ “Wanna-Be Cheerleader” award


Phoebe Bacon & Jada Elkins’ “Megaphone Maniacs” award


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