Jr. Olympics!

Anyone who has ever been to camp before knows the excitement that comes with Jr. Olympics. What I want to accomplish in this blog post is to go over all the events our campers participated in this morning and give you a run down of the obstacle course.

We started out the morning with a 40-yard, then 80-yard dash. After this, our teams took part in a running relay all across the campground. Then we had three other events, the first being titled “The Silence of the Scriptures.” In this event, each team got 14 cards with books of the Bible on them and they had to put them in order without talking. Next, we had a broad jump competition, with Zachary McPherson winning with a whopping 9.5 feet!  Finally, before the obstacle course, our team captains were soaked as the campers threw water balloons at them.

Then it was time for the big event: THE OBSTACLE COURSE! In this we had teams of 2-3 campers positioned at each station ready to go when tagged. The course started out by weaving through the trees with a two man wheelbarrow. Once each pair was done, two members of their team did the caterpillar event where they took turns lining up feet-to-hands on the ground to reach the end. Once this was done, two more teammates did a rebus puzzle that was “shine your light before men.” Once this was completed, they moved on to “croccer,” in which you had to kick a soccer ball through a pool noodle in the shape of a croquet wicket. Then they proceeded to an event that turned out to be my favorite of the day–in the spittoon event, campers had to get a gulp of water from a big tub then run over and spit it into a pitcher a few feet away. Sadly, none of our campers were able to complete this under the 2-minute time limit to avoid the penalty, but I must say that Nick Hall and myself (Jacob Stout) were reigning champions completing the event in 59 seconds, which is faster than any other staff member team. After this, our campers had to complete a puzzle of the camp logo, then they moved on to the final event, the amoeba race, in which the whole team got into a water hose circle and moved as a team.

All and all we had an excellent course. Here are a few pictures that I snapped during the obstacle course.

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