Other staff

Here at MSC, we strive to make sure that credit is given where credit is due, so we want to make sure that we don’t leave anyone out. Here’s a list of all the staff members we haven’t already mentioned and what they do.

In our nursing staff, we have Ellen Hunter and Debbie Eaton, and they do an excellent job. We couldn’t have asked for two sweeter nurses.

On our photography staff, we have Rhonda Hawk taking still pictures and John McCauley getting video. They make sure they’re there to catch every minute of every event held.

There to help the kids everyday with their crafts, we have Laura Tackett and Holly Grimes. Because of their help, all of our campers’ crafts look wonderful!

Our sports staff consists of Scott Mitchell (sports director), Tina Mitchell (team standings), Evan Casey, Brian Clark, Drew Maudlin, and Sean Grimes. Everyone on our sports staff has done an excellent job at keeping all the sports in order and everything fair, and we thank them for their hard work. Also, Scott and Tina Mitchell deserve extra thanks for all the work they did at home before coming to camp in preparing the obstacle course and writing out rules for EVERY game that we played, which is something that’s never been done before.

Also, we want to thank our floaters for all their work this week: Ryan Walker, Katie Hall, Jenna Walker (water girl), Justin Hall (water boy), and Jason Dorn, our Carnival manager.

Thanks to all our staff for all the preparations they made before camp, and the time they have invested for camp!

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