MSC Junior Week 2017 Academic Awards

At closing ceremonies today, the following campers were recognized for their outstanding achievement in academics.

Group 1 Addition – Annisa Turpen
Group 1 Subtraction – Blake Niccum
Group 1 Multiplication – Max Joseph
Group 1 Divisions – Annisa Turpen

Group 2 Addition – Tori Willis
Group 2 Subtraction – (Three way tie) Tori Willis, Matthew Harney, Zachary Ayres
Group 2 Multiplication – Tori Willis
Group 2 Division – (Three way tie) Evelyn Maudlin, Emerson Graber, Carter Elkins

Group 1 Spelling – Max Joseph
Group 2 Spelling – Matthew Harney

Photo slide show from the awards ceremony will follow…..stay tuned.

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