MSC Junior Week 2017 Craft Awards

Ms Dayna recognized the following campers in outstanding achievement in crafts this year at today’s awards ceremony.

For Group 1, the following campers paintings were picked to compete in the overall judging:

Evie McGaughey (Orange)
Carter Sorrells (Yellow)
Anabelle Davis (Royal Blue)
Clara Carlson (Red)
Maddie Graber (Navy)
Zoey Kriech (Green)
Annisa Turpen (Hunter)
Journey Thompson (Purple)
Isabel Tremblett (Hot Pink)
Emma Hosfield (Lime)

And the winners are………3rd place goes to Evie McGaughey (Orange), 2nd place goes to Emma Hosfield (Lime) and 1st place goes to Maddie Graber (Navy).

For Group 2, the following campers artwork was selected to complete in the judging:

Audra Loughmiller (Hunter)
Lauren Miller (Yellow)
Bridget Cline (Hot Pink)
Greg Surber (Lime)
Garrett Prickett (Orange)
Katelyn McCauley (Royal Blue)
Addy Hieronymus (Red)
Clayton Sieg (Navy)
Sydnee Sullivan (Green)
Marina Barr (Purple)

And the winners are……….3rd place goes to Clayton Sieg (Navy), 2nd place goes to Bridget Cline (Hot Pink), and 1st place goes to Lauren Miller (Yellow).

The next craft award is called the “Judges Choice” Award where the craft team gets to select crafts that were their favorites.  The craft team selected Titus Koonce (Group 1) and Lexi Johnson (Group 2) for the Judge’s Choice Award.

And one final craft was completed as a team and judged and that is the Christmas Card.
3rd place went to the Yellow Team, 2nd place went to the Green Team and 1st place went to the Purple Team.

Great job campers!!

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