Tuesday Dinner Awards

During dinner tonight, we had numerous recognitiona. First off, HUGE THANKS to kitchen staff members Steven & Betsy Benson for grilling 400 hot dogs yesterday and over 300 hamburgers today.

Tonight’s “Funny Float” award goes to Lindsey Walker: “Wanna hear a joke about my brother [Ryan Walker]? Nevermind, I don’t want to shock you.”

And tonight’s “Paper Plate Awards” go to:

Lauren Szanti was given the “Brick Wall” award

Zachary Jordan was given the “‘Jimmy V’ Never Give Up” award

Sports staff member Sean Grimes and co-direcotor Tyson Bacon were awarded the “Into the Soccer Field” award for kicking the kickball into the soccer field

Sports staff member Drew Maudlin was given the “Best Soccer Field” award

Sports staff members David & Sonja McPherson were given the “Best Volleyball Court” award

The “Strong Man Award” was given to Zachary Jordan, Jacob Lanius & Jacob Roberts for carrying a table from the boys cabins to the mess hall

Mitchell King was given the “Happy Helper” award for helping clean up after sports

Emma Harris was given the “Bulldozer Award” for quickest soccer goal

 IMG_2752 IMG_2747 IMG_2756 IMG_2758 IMG_2761 IMG_2763 IMG_2764 IMG_2766  IMG_2768 IMG_2771  IMG_2773

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