Tuesday’s Team Standings & Special Announcements

We had lots of excitement during breakfast this morning. First of all, the current team standings were announced. And the results are [INSERT DRUM ROLL HERE]:

1. Orange

2. Silver

3. Purple

4. Navy

5 (TIE). Green, Lime & Royal Blue

Today is Grace Guillaume’s 11th birthday, so all the campers and staff sang “Happy Birthday” and she was presented a birthday button to wear today.

And compadre Ryan Walker was not feeling well last night, so the Cabin 5 girls were so sweet to make Ryan a huge card, signed it, and presented it to him at breakfast. We’re happy to report that Ryan is feeling much better today!


Director Tyson Bacon leading everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to Grace Guillaume


Cabin 5 presenting their card to compadre Ryan Walker


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