That’s a Wrap for MSC Senior Week

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Another wonderful, uplifting week comes to a close at MSC’s Senior Week! It was such a great week, as it always is, and the friendships made here will be life-long.

The weather this morning was a bit gloomy, with showers in the morning putting a damper on a lot of things…except our spirit! Everyone was pumped to hear how the teams did.

Because of the weather, we moved things to the Rec Hall instead of holding the ceremony in our traditional place, the Amphitheater.

Here’s how the teams did…

Team Standings:

  • 10th – Team Navy (Fried & Jen Rademacher)
  • 9th – Team Orange (Matt & Alexa Hersey)
  • 8th – Team Purple (John & Sonya McCauley)
  • 7th – Team Red (Luke & Kelsey Broderick)
  • 6th – Team Green (Kolter & Brooke Sokeland)
  • 5th – Team Pink (Ethan & Jessica Wildman)
  • 4th – Team Blue (Aaron & Brooke Sandy)
  • 3rd – Team Lime (Nick & Laura Hall)
  • 2nd – Team Silver (Carrie Ayres & Courtney Bray)
  • 1st – Team Gold (Nick & Katie Paden)

Special Awards:

  • Rookie of the Year Award: Weston Rhoton
  • Reaching Higher Award: Caden Chambers
  • Male Camper of the Year Award: Jake Swift
  • Female Camper of the Year Award: Lindsey Walker

Special Thanks:

  • Thank you so much to Kevin & Sara Rhoton, who spend so much time directing camp activities and getting everything ready for this week. They did a fantastic job as their first time as camp directors!
  • Thank you so much to all the staff who worked so hard this week. This camp is a success because of your dedication to these kids and we couldn’t do it without you!
  • Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents, relatives, guardians – all of you! who make it a priority to send your kids to camp. Your kids are not only an encouragement to each other, they’re a true encouragement to all of the adults this week as well!
  • Finally, thank you to all the kids who came this week! Our prayer is that you have further rooted yourselves in God’s will for you and that you’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to all! See you next year!

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