Thursday MSC Sports Update

I’m not sure if Deal or No Deal is considered a “Sport”, but it certainly brings out the competitive nature around here!  Many of the teams were trying to channel their inner Howie Mandel as they worked to eliminate different cases to earn the most points possible for their teams.

Deal or No Deal:

Team Blue: 50 points

Team Red: 1,300 points

Team Orange: 1,150

Team Gold: 100

Team Silver: 2,000

Team Lime: 1,800

Team Purple: 1,450

Team Mint: 873

Team Pink: 700

Team Hunter: 1,132



Projectile Avoidance:

Lime (15) VS Purple (24)

Mint (9) VS Pink (13)

Hunter (25) VS Blue (4) 

Red (19) VS Gold (7)

Silver (24) VS Orange (0)



Team Orange: (14) VS Team Pink: (14)

Team Lime: (13) VS Blue: (22)

Team Mint (29) VS Team Gold (12)

Team Hunter (13) VS Team Silver (14)

Team Red (9) VS Team Purple (14)




Team Blue: 5,600

Team Gold: 5,500

Team Mint: 6,500

Team Hunter: 5,600

Team Lime: 5,500

Team Orange: 5,500

Team Pink: 5,200

Team Purple: 5,300

Team Red: 5,100

Team Silver: 4,300


Canoe Heats:

1st Place: Pink

2nd Place: Mint

3rd Place: Hunter

4th Place: Blue

5th Place: Purple

6th Place: Gold

7th Place: Lime

8th Place: Silver

9th Place: Orange

10th Place: Red


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