MSC 2023 Senior Week

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July 3 – July 8, 2023

Camp Directors:

Kevin & Sara Rhoton

Team Standings:

(with Team Captains)

1st Place Gold

Team Captains: Nick & Katie Paden
6th Place Green

Team Captains: Kolter & Brooke Sokeland
2nd Place Silver

Team Captains: Carrie Ayres & Courtney Bray
7th Place Red

Team Captains: Luke & Kelsey Broderick
3rd Place Lime

Team Captains: Nick & Laura Hall
8th Place Purple

Team Captains: John & Sonya McCauley
4th Place Blue

Team Captains: Aaron & Brooke Sandy
9th Place Orange

Team Captains: Matt & Alexa Hersey
5th Place Pink

Team Captains: Ethan & Jessica Wildman
10th Place Navy

Team Captains: Fried & Jen Rademacher

Special Awards:

Rookie of The Year:Weston Rhoton, Team Red
Reaching Higher Award:Caiden Chambers, Team Orange
Male Camper of The Year:Jake Swift, Team Silver
Female Camper of The Year:Lindsey Walker, Team Gold

Last Year Campers:

Staff Groups:

Kitchen Staff:
Melissa Hosfield (Manager)Derek HosfieldMeagan Willis
Corey WillisSarah Guyer Rex Guyer
Eric WatsonBilly Munger
Belinda LoughmillerKatina Petre
Medical Staff:
Amy Dukes Jenna Walker
Media Staff:
Anna Boone (blog)Amanda Davis (photography)Michael Bray (photo/video)
Lip Sync:
Todd WalkerTammy Walker
Sports Staff:
Sean WalkerKarie WalkerCarrie Kunkel
Ethan RhotonJustin Boser
Shannon ShafferDana Shaffer
Shawna EvansRonna Howell
Cabin Management:
Becky NiemeierBrooke Thomas
Security / Hydration:
Adam Clark (Manager)Craig HowellTim Kilgo
Jason DukesTres Barker
Vincent LandfairVinny PetreEli McCauley
Shelby KingJamie LautenschlagerOlivia Stout

2023 MSC Senior Week Staff

Interesting Facts:

  • Kevin & Sara Rhoton begin as Senior Week Directors this year.
  • Melissa Hosfield starts as Kitchen Director
  • Start of camp “iffy” with intermittent power outages on Saturday and Sunday


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